My Top 3: Travel Apps That Every Traveler Needs

Have you ever traveled to a destination and couldn’t speak the language, didn’t know the dollar conversion rate or returned home with an extremely high cell phone bill?

Check out my favorite 3 apps for traveling that will help you speak the language, know the conversion rate of every country and save you money on your next cell phone bill.

1. App for Speaking the Language: Google Translate

I’ve been traveling to Mexico for 15 years and I must admit that my Spanish is very limited. I know basic Spanish but to carry on a conversation, my espanol is no bueno. To help ease the stress of not being able to speak the language I recommend Google Translate, it’s a lifesaver. This app translates from 103 different languages just by typing or drawing the word or phrase.

Tip: Use your phone’s camera to hold up to street signs or even restaurant menus for instant translations. The best part is that the app works without using a wireless connection.

2. App for Chatting: WhatsApp

We all like to stay connected when traveling either through calling or text. WhatsApp provides free voice calls and messaging when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. The group chat feature is great for those who are traveling with others you can share messages, photos and videos. This app was my group members choice of communication on our trip to Jamaica last year.

Tip: Before you leave for your trip download WhatsApp to your phone. In order to communicate with others have them download the app also.

3. App for Currency Exchange: XE Currency

This app gives me life!!! So if you’re looking for an app that keeps track of live rates of every currency, and works offline XE Currency does just that. This app came in handy for our trip to Dubai, especially since when were unfamiliar with UAE dirham currency.

Tip: Download the conversion rate of every country you’ll be visiting before you leave and you’ll be good to go.


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Tracy, is a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist and Owner of Rich Events, a boutique travel agency located in Delaware, that specializes in Luxury Destination Celebrations, Curated Group Travel and Couples Vacations

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